Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
RFA CE 21 003 Grants to Support New Investigators in Conducting Research Related to Preventing Interpersonal Violence Impacting Children and Youth
RFA HL 22 009 Summer Institute for Research Education in Biostatistics and Data Science (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
PAS CMR FY20 07 Boosting Frontline Health Workers’ Ability in Responding to COVID-19 - Virtual Awareness and Capacity Building Training Project
HRSA 20 056 Maternal and Child Health Field-Initiated Innovative Research Studies (FIRST) Program
CDC RFA GH19 1961 Strengthening the Diagnostic Transport Network in Liberia
CDC RFA GH19 1914 Supporting the South African National AIDS Council Trust (SANAC Trust) in the Coordination, Management, and Monitoring of the Multi-Sectoral Implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) under PEPFAR
CDC RFA DD18 1801 Promoting Resources for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness and Prevention
PAR 18 462 Clinical Trial Planning: Therapeutic/Indication Pairing Strategies (U34) (Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
CDC RFA CK17 1705 Continuing Enhanced National Surveillance for Prion Diseases in the United States
CDC RFA GH16 164502CONT17 Providing Technical Assistance and Support to Strengthen the Capacity of the Health Management Information Systems of the South African National and Provincial Departments of Health and the United States Government (USG) in the Republic of South Afri
CDC RFA GH16 167202CONT17 Strengthening the Human Resource Capacity to Provide Quality Care for HIV/AIDS through the Development of Cadre of Local HIV/AIDS Experts and HIV/AIDS Strategic Information systems in the Republic of Zambia under the President's Emergency Plan for AI
MP AIA 17 001 FY17 American Indian/Alaska Native Health Equity Initiative
RFA OH 17 006 Miner Safety and Health Training Program-Western United States (U60)
HRSA 17 086 National Maternal and Child Center for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement
RFA GH 17 001 Evaluations to Improve Prevention Interventions Under the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
CDC RFA GH12 121105CONT17 Provision of Comprehensive Public health Services for the fishing Communities in the Republic of Uganda under PEPFAR
CDC RFA GH13 130904CONT17 Increasing HIV/AIDS Program Capacity through Human Resources Capacity Building to Support the Transition of the Kenya HIV Program to Local Organizations under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
CDC RFA GH15 150602CONT17 Voluntary Male Circumcision as part of the national Program and the Combination Prevention project in Botswana under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDs Relief


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